Friday, 29 October 2010

This Years' Pumpkins

Here are the carved pumpkins we made last night. Much hilarity was had by all. We all said how easy it is carving pumpkins - when we were younger (in the dim and distance past) how we used to get blisters on our hands scooping out swedes. Pumpkins were too exotic for our childhood.

The Howling Wolf is my contribution and Jan carved the wonderful Sorcerer's Cauldren - it was really funny Jan kept humming the music from Fantasia - the Sorcerer's Apprentice all night.


The Jack'o'Pumpkin was carved by Pat - how scary is that wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night, and Emily carved the fantastic Haunted House (just look at the amazing detail).

I still have one pumpkin to carve but I will be make pumpkin cake with the flesh. That's a job for tomorrow.
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  1. wow Sue these are fantastic, perfect carving and I remind the blisters from the swedes and turnips too lol
    Mina xxx