Saturday, 9 October 2010


This week the postie delivered three letters from some of my American Stamping friends - I have been writing to them for a while now and we all have one thing in common - Stamping and cardmaking.

I just had to show the fantastic cards they have sent me. So here we go:-
This is from my friend Janice in Chicago - she loves Iris Folding and it shows in this beautiful Autumn Leaf card - are'nt the colours fabulous
This is a close-up of the leaf but my camera is a bit rubbish at close ups or it could be the photographer!
The card is from Jan in Colorado Springs - I love the mummy stamp
and I just had to show you the inside of Jan's card it so made me laugh. Isn't the upside down bat the cutest bat you ever did see. Fantastic.
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I have a couple more things to show, they didn't download with these pictures for some reason - back in a moment

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  1. Hi Sue, pop over to my blog and email me your addy so I can send you some of the knitting cardstock,
    En xx