Sunday, 28 February 2010


Here are the ATCs I completed last week - I did make 4 but I have sent one off to the USA.
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Max the Cat


Max ever helpful as usual - he decided to help me do a bit at the computer but he found the mouse a little tasteless
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A couple of Easter Cards


Just a couple of Easter Cards I made today - I don't usually do Easter but I had a couple of stamps I had never used so it seem like a good idea.
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Well I finally managed it!!

As the title says I finally managed to post copies of the sample wedding invites. I have finished the order and the bride-to-be was delighted - she picked the 2 gold hearts.

I just have to make the place names now when she lets me have her list but as the wedding is not until September it will be a little while off before I do them.

I've been making St Patrick day ATCs this week and next week we are into another month so the next 10 cards for the Christmas collection get under way. Got about 25 in the stash box so far.

Got some great stamps from the USA this week - Doll parts. I'm going to try something a bit different when I get a minute. It it goes according to plan I will post if not it will go in the bin!

Max the cat is being his usual self and is turning his nose up at the food we are feeding him. I have tried him on all different kinds including fresh cooked chicken but he doesn't appear to like anything we give him. Must be filling up on mice :-))
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