Thursday, 31 December 2009

Well that was a waste of time the Studio was shut - in future I will check to see if it si open before I set off!!! :-)
Well Hobbycraft was a big disappointment yesterday - didn't find any bargains!

It's New Years Eve and I can't believe it's another year gone. Where does the time go.

We are off to see if Dawn Bibby's Studio has a large acrylic block - I bought an unmounted stamp from a US company called 'Purrs and Pants' (no really that is what it is called) and they specialise in dog and cat unmounted rubber stamps (check it out at It is a Folding Cat hanger and is really cute - I intend to make some Christmas decorations for next year but it is quite a large stamp and I haven't found a block yet to fit it on. So the hunt continues. It's got to be at least 5" x 7".

If anyone knows where I can get one - please let me know.

Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes for 2010.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Had a bad night last night and was up fairly early considering I'm not at work today. But I have got an order for Wedding Invitations so made an early start on the design. Have gathered all the bits together just need inspiration to strike - that could take a little while!

Will try to post pictures when I've finally got something to show.

Hope the weather improves before next weekend don't fancy driving across to Harrogate - I've booked a Fan Dabby weekend course at AFTH and I'm really looking forward to it. I see that Dyan is sunning herself abroad at the moment - hope she is back for the course lol.

Off to Hobbycraft to see if I can find any bargains:-)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Help I'm very new to this!

Well I've gone and done it - but now I have a blog I'm not sure what to say. If I log off will I ever be able to find it again :-)

Does anyone else have this problem - I download stuff and it just disappears never to be seen again. I think I'm just technically challenged and computers will always be a big mystery to me