Sunday, 24 January 2010

Just Another Week

Well here we are again another week has flown past and I have managed to make a good start on the Wedding invites. I had a major problem with the inners - I was going to use vellum but even with the printer set on draft the ink smudges - it looks like it doesn't completely dry. Will retry with parchment hopefully that will work.

Baz is working today so I am being a good wife and getting on with the ironing. I am going to make a roast beef dinner today no roasties for me - got to stick to the diet. First week last week and when I got weighed at Rosemary Coneley class on Thursday I had a loss of 4.5lbs and was feeling really pleased. One small step for me but in the right direction.

Linda coming round this afternoon for a bit of a crafting session and a gossip s- should be fun I haven't seen her for ages.

Better make a start on the ironing it won't do itself. I wish someone could invent an automatic ironing machine that puts everthing away when it is done - Dream on!! lol

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Art from the Heart Weekend

Well it has been a busy start to the New Year. Work really interfers with my crafting and my blogging time.:-) Just been so tired when I get home from work there seems to be no time for either.

Anyway I have got a largish batch of wedding invites to make and they have to be ready for 1st week in March - I made three samples and the bride has choosen the one she likes - when I get my camera sorted I will post pictures (don't hold your breath I get technically challenged when I have to download pictures from my camera). Will have to get myself organised to get them all done. lol

Had a great weekend in Harrogate last weekend, despite the arctic conditions, on an 'Art from the Heart' Fan Dabby Weekend. The course started on the Friday evening where we all got to meet one another and we started one of the many projects Dyan had planned for the group but the evening was finished early as the snow had come down and we were in danger of being snowed in. I struggled to get my car out of the carpark and ending up sliding gracefully sideways out onto the road - very classy and I got a round of applause for effort!!!

Saturday dawned bright and crisp and we were all eager to get on. A busy two days commenced and we altered and decorated tins, completed changed an old diary into a fabulous mini art journal, made a mini tag book complete with tags, completed a wooden wall tag with angel wings, made a storage box for ATCs, and some ATC Cards to put in it and finally made a wall calendar. Dyan worked us hard but fed us well and the cakes were to die for (thanks to Elaine the Baker for them). The ladies in the group were from all over the country but we had a really great laugh. Thank you everyone and a special thankyou to Dyan for her patience in teaching us all the new techniques we covered. Going to do an art journal course next but not until the weather warms up lol.

Was really tired on the Monday and it has taken all week for me to get over such a busy weekend.

The weather is rubbish today so I think I will make a start on the Wedding Invites.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to work Tomorrow - Noooooooo

It's awful - the Christmas/New Year Holidays has just flown past and I'm back to work tomorrow. I'm not impressed.

Have finally got the wedding invitation sort out and the order has come good so I will have to get on with them. 30 Day Invites and 20 Evening Invites plus Table Place Name Cards - that should keep me busy for a little while and I don't have time to go to work.

I have made one resolution this new year to make 10 Christmas Cards every month and have already made 10 today so I'm now off to bed feeling very pleased with myself - smug smile !!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Son number 2 off back to the IOM today so we might be able to get the house in some sort of order! I don't understand how he makes such chaos where ever he goes in the house. Max the cat will miss his best buddy - the cat idolises Jamie and follows him round like a puppy dog. Really sweet.

Lots to do today - Wedding invite samples to complete and as the old vacuum cleaner has expired a trip to the sales to find a bargain new one :-)

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year Everyone.

The number 2 son arrived from IOM yesterday afternoon which was expected but he brought 2 mates and my house looks like a bomb has exploded. Can't get in the front room as they are all sleeping in there in sleeping bags and as they didn't get in until about 5 am this morning I don't expect to see much of them this morning!! Oh to be young again:-)

We off out to lunch today - looking forward to that. Someone else cooking and no washing up. Great Stuff!!

Max the cat is feeling a little confused with all these people in the house and keeps wanting to get in the front room with the lads, He won't go out as it is too cold for him - obviously no mice about either.