Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pumpkin Disaster

Pumpkins, photographed in Canada.Image via Wikipedia

I got a great pumpkin last week from Morrisons and proudly brought it home - it was given pride of place on the breakfast bar where is would remain until the Pumpkin Party where it be transformed with a few swift knife cuts into the main feature of my Halloween decorations.

Imagine my horror when this morning I glanced at it as I walked past into the kitchen and there was a huge mouldy patch on the side of my perfect pumpkin. Back to Mossers and they were very good and actually gave us another one and some money back - no quibbles. Later we went shopping in Booths and their pumpkins are cheaper and bigger - so we bought another. So I now have two pumpkins to carve. Lots of pumpkin cake this year mmmmm lovely!
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