Monday, 11 November 2013

Pumpkin Carving

As promised here are the pumpkins carved for 2013 by myself and a couple of pals. 
As usual I went to my good friend Jan's house and we just sat and carved our pumpkins - Jan's sister Pat joined us and we all enjoyed a good gossip with much laughter.  It was a great night and I think the results speak for themselves.

I carved the face and the Raven, Jan carved the Pumpkin Scarecrow, Pat carved the Witch and the Stacked Pumpkin Heads were carved by Jan's Daughter Emily who couldn't be with us that evening but wanted her pumpkin to be in the picture. 

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The bad news was we had to travel down to Kent on Halloween - it was the first year in the 35 years we have lived in our house that we were not at home and to say I was devastated when Baz told me we were off to visit his mum is an understatement (not because it was his mum just because I would miss all the festivities - I love all the kids dressing up).  I donated my carved pumpkins to Jan as I know she always goes over the top when she decorates her house and scares all the kids that call to death.  I knew she could make good use of them and she did.

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