Friday, 10 June 2011


Guilty as charged I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since my birthday but I haven’t!!!

We have had a fairly hectic couple of weeks with Baz’s 60th Birthday slap bang in the middle. What started as a low key birthday turned into a great birthday bash! Baz’s Mum and stepdad travelling up from Kent for the weekend to spend time with us and we decided to have a BBQ (the weather was kind and the sun shone on demand). Son Number 2 arrived from the Isle of Man with his girlfriend - Son Number 1 came out of his bedroom and joined in the socialising which was great and all afternoon there was a steady stream of visitors calling and joining us in the garden until there was a great crowd of friends ready to party. A quick dash to the local supermarket to stock up on burgers, sausages and buns (we hadn’t planned food for the ravaging hoards) and this very impromptu party turned into a ‘bit of a do’ I hope everyone went home well fed and watered I know the best do’s are always the ones you least expect. Baz really enjoyed his birthday. I did take some photos but I haven’t downloaded them yet.

James and Angela stopped for a week - only going back home on this Tuesday (because it’s TT Week on the IOM the ferry was all booked up!) so we finally got the house back to ourselves and I can start crafting again.


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