Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Few Pictures

A couple of photos of Barry's 60th do. I'm useless at taking photos and these are the best of a very poor selection :-((

Here is a motley crew if ever I saw one -- Mark in the black top, Barry the birthday boy, (in his Martini shirt!) and Jock (yes - he is a Scot with an accent so thick you could spread it on toast).
This Mike (quiz player extraordinare), our buddies Ian and Jan (caught in the act of stuffing her face - my weight loss buddy !)
My contribution to the day a few vanilla cup cakes and a small fruit cake specially for Barry at his request. Believe it or not we managed to get 20 portions out of this cake - Barry was not happy as he wanted it all to himself. Ha Ha Greedy boy!!!!
And finally nothing to do with the birthday but a picture of Max the Mouse Slayer who is doing a great job of keeping the local wildlife under control I just wish he wouldn't bring it into the house to share with us.!
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Back tomorrow with some new crafting to show you.

Thanks for calling.



  1. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for your nice words on my blog. I love your cat, he/she looks exactly like ours!


  2. Hi Sue, your cupcakes look delicious!! Thanks for bewoming my follower and joining in my candy. Lots of luck on that. Hugs, Frea