Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another Weekend Flies Past

Well that's another one gone - what you may wonder - not just the weekend but another birthday has gone. Yes today was was my birthday and I was 21 again LOL - if only.

I have had a fantastic weekend, We had a meal out last night as the restaurant we chose wasn't open on a Sunday evening. So my birthday celebrations kicked off early and we enjoyed a fab meal and the dessert was a lemon tart that was to die for. Wonderful.

Today I was woken up with a cup of tea and told not to mess about as I was being taken out for breakfast (that's a first) not that I was too hungry after last night but it was fun. When we arrived back home Bazzer gave me my pressie - it was a Kindle. I had been licking the steam off these ever since I saw a friend with one. Well now I have got one - all I have to do is get it filled with all my favourite books.

I spent the afternoon making a large batch of cup-cakes and decorating to take in to work tomorrow.

I'm off to browse the Kindle store and enjoy another little glass of celebratory wine. Cheers


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