Sunday, 15 May 2011

It's Been Two Weeks!!!!

Hi everyone

Firstly I must apologise for the silence over the last two weeks but things have been a bit hectic here at Maguire mansion! I had some serious problems with my computer which hopefully have now been sorted out and there has been some family stuff to deal with but things should be back to what passes for normal in our household.

I want to show you the technique board that I started at a great class I went to at the Stampman in Skipton a few weeks ago and I have finally managed to get finished. The background is a large piece of canvas that was stuck onto thick cardboard then we covered with Gesso and Ranger paint dabbers. We then stamped and applied various collage papers using beeswax or glue until we were happy with the overall effect. Next came a piece of corrugated card again we painted and dabbed away finished off with a quick spray of black Krylon Webbing spray (I love this stuff!) and placed on the canvas. Finally we worked on the decorative panels - all were given a basic coat of Gesso and we were allowed to do our own thing. I stamped most of them and added some gunge board flowers to a couple of panels, the middle panel was foil run through an embossing folder and then inked over the top and we play with the Meltpot producing some of the decorative bits which were attached to the panels. It was a good day I got lovely and messy and the company was great.

You can get the general idea from the photos - I'm no David Bailey when it comes to photography but I tried my best.







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