Monday, 3 January 2011

The sign of things to come !!! I hope not.

Have you ever had one of those days when all your plans goes to pot! Well today has been one of those days. I had my day plannned out to go shopping first thing this morning - restock the cupboards that had been picked clean by son No 1 while we were away. Bazzer had other plans and started to remove all the lights that were outside the house so I took myself off to the Craft Room and made an attempt to catch up on my ATC swaps. He eventually reappearred at lunch time so my early start was a little late. We did the shop and the kitchen is now restocked and we can eat for the rest of the week.

This afternoon I finished off all my ATC swaps and got them ready to post but before I parcelled them up I did my David Bailey impression and took photos of them to post here on my blog. I downloaded the pictures, tried to crank up the internet and nothing. There was no connection. After much faffing about and telephone calls to our provider(Smallworld) it seems that the fault was at their end where someone had tried to vandalise some equipment and obviously succeeded.

Smallworld said they were working on it but weren't sure when the connection would be back up. How frustrating is that - not even a sorry for the inconvenience - how rude!

The system is now back on-line but I will have to leave the pictures until another day as I'm off to watch Dr Brian Cox explain the the stars on TV - he is so cute;-) - lets hope that the TV is going to work - fingers crossed.

Until later.

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  1. Hi Sue, sounds like you've had a really busy day, looking forward to seeing the pics.

    Donna x