Friday, 7 January 2011

A Little bit of Beading

I've not had time to make any cards this week - it's been so busy at work that I have felt a bit wrung out (like a dishcloth lol) when I finally get home. Hopefully it will settle down next week - I think we have been playing catch up from Christmas and New Year it's absolute mayhem!!!!!

Anyway I have decided to show you a bit more beading that I have finally completed - I have a lot of half finished pieces that I really must finish most of them only need a fastening but I always in too much of a hurray to start something else:-) I'm really pleased with this necklace, it is quite a simple pattern but I think it works really well with the turquoise and gold colour scheme.

I'm sorry the picture is a bit pants but I'm using my little digital camera and to be honest I think it is passed its best. Until I have save up a few more pennies buying a new camera is a distant fantasy. Big sigh

I have also put my blog on Crafty Blogs - Rankings which is a great site that lists loads of UK craft blogs. A great place for a bit of blog surfing. Unfortunately I'm right down the bottom at No 975 I really will have to try an get a few more visitors to look at my blog - I want to rise through the ranks just a bit. I'll have to get my thinking head on about what to do. Any ideas will be gratefully received!!!

See you all later.

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  1. Hi Sue, love the beautiful necklace. The turqouise and gold is a gorgeous combination.

    donna x