Saturday, 27 March 2010

Christmas & Snowflakes !!!!

These are a couple of ATCs I have received from a lovely lady in N Ireland called Gloria. Aren't they just lovely - I love the Christmas one it really is so cute, just my subject I love Christmas crafting.


Snowflakes in March! Have I gone mad - no more than usual. LOL These are two beaded snowflakes I made from a free pattern I found on the internet. When they were first finished they were a little floppy so I dunked them in Finish Floor polish and let them dry flat on my craft mat and they went rigid, they didn't lose any of their shine. I strung them on a ribbon and they look great as they really catch the light and glitter. I was quite impressed - I knew I would find a use for all them beads I have gathered over the years. Do you think you can have red snowflakes?
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