Monday, 21 February 2011

Bargin Time at Hobbycraft!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted over the weekend – I’ve had a busy weekend you know how it is when you work full time weekend is the only time for shopping and house cleaning - as much as I hate house work I do have to devote some time to doing it. So nothing new to show you.

I hate this time of year – spring cleaning is a major chore that has to be done – don’t windows look really grubby when the sunshine hits the glass not made any better in our house by Max the cat who paws all over the bottom of them when he wants to be let in! We cleared out the kitchen cupboards and OMG some of the stuff was so out of date I’m just too ashamed to tell you. But anyway the kitchen fairly gleams now and there is loads of room in my units

I did take time out on Saturday to do some essential shopping at Hobbycraft Preston, Bazzer was going to look at a new motorbike (in his dreams) at a bike shop in Chorley so he dropped me off for an hour. Did I get a bargain - a box set of 12 Promaker Pens plus an outliner for half price £6.99 – Yes HALF PRICE (it is reduced in the Promaker store but it was still £17.40) and a box set of 12 Aqua Markers for £6.99 (again it’s only reduced to £18.40 in the Letraset store). I couldn’t believe my luck, I wanted to try the Aqua Markers when they first came out but couldn’t justify the outlay but at this price it was too good to miss. I also found a set of Perfect Pearls at half price of £6.99 it should have been £13.98 – I just love perfect pearls and I couldn’t resist them. Now I just need to find some time to play in the craft room.

Anybody got a spare couple of hours they can let me have. Lol
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