Monday, 13 December 2010

A Lovely Surprise

I have two lovely surprises today - I found out I'm the winner of Hels first Tag Giveaway. Thank you so much Hels I shall treasure it.

Secondly I'm one of the three winners of Jennie's Snowman Blog Candy - Thank you so much Jennie. It's lovely to get some good news after the problems of Friday night!

I also think you should check out the new Letraset official blog as they are offering some great candy not one - not 2 but 10 packs of super Promarkers. Check it out - it runs until 06 Jan 11. They also are promoting their new Letraset website - check it out. We all love promarkers and a girl can never have too may - can they!


  1. Hi Sue, So sorry to hear what happened on Friday, hope you are ok luv, it's terrible what this world is coming to, my son was mugged a few months go for his mobile phone. Well done on your wins today you definately need some cheering up. Hugs.

    Donna x

  2. Well done again on your wins... every cloud and all that!

    Sarah x

  3. wwwoooohhhhoooo Sue Monday was defo your day...congratulations on your wins...Im off to check out letraset now thanks for the link
    Mina xxx