Friday, 18 October 2013

An Excess of Apples

This year appears to be a great year for English fruit and on our way back from Plymouth last week we called in to visit my Auntie Mag and Uncle John in Exmouth.  We had a lovely visit and Auntie Mag asked me if I would like some apples to take home as they had so many and we were given 2 huge bags of beautiful Blenheim Apples.  I was originally going to freeze them but I found there wasn't enough room in my freezer so I made an apple pie and wondered what was I going to do with the rest.
Well after much deliberation and browsing the internet I came across some great recipes for Apple Chutney and Tomato & Apple Chutney and decided to have a go - I remember my Mum and  my Nan always made chutney and pickles - in fact my Mum's Piccalilli was legendary in the family. 
Anyway this afternoon I got stuck in and made the two different batches of chutney and I'm really pleased they have both turned out really good - just like an old fashioned pickle.  I have put links to the original recipes.

The eight jars on the right are the Tomato & Apple Chutney and the jars next to the pumpkins are the Apple Chutney.  I have just found recipe for Pumpkin Relish and think I might have a go at that next or even Pickled Onions or perhaps both.
I even managed to get a beef casserole in the oven in between stirring the chutney so that's tomorrow's tea sorted - how's that for being organised.
Tomorrow has got to be devoted to Halloween Cards to send to my American penfriends - I should have started them last week but the week got away from me.  I will post as soon as I have them finished.
Anyway it's getting late so I'm off to bed.
Night Night

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