Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Grand Day Out

I wish I lived closer to Harrogate - I just love the Art From the Heart Studio with the wonderful Dyan and her eclectic style - I would love to be able to attend more classes there but I can't as it's just too far to go more than a couple of times a year. Well yesterday was one of those visits as Dyan was having a workshop taster day and I had signed up to a couple of worshops. First one was with Sandra Hall, unfortunately all I got was a picture of her back - sorry Sandra. We made an ATC Holder and a matching ATC (pictures to follow later as it is getting late) but needless to say I got very inky/painty hands and we got to play with Dyan's new stamps and stencils.
Here's a picutre of the wonderful Dyan with her singing Deer's head, she couldn't wait to get home to put it up in her 50's lounge.
On to the second workshop with the lovely Kaz Hall and we made a hanging tag with 3 stamped hanging attachements (I still have to attach my hangers so I will post it when finished)- again we used the New Dylusion Sprays (note to self - must put on my birthday wish list)and Dyans new stamps. We were in great company as the super Katie Crane was also in the workshop.
Here's a picture of Kaz helping the two ladies seated opposite me (I'm sorry I'm rubbish at remembering names) Kaz also unveil a hidden talent in keeping a malteaser in the air by blowing and then catching and eating it. I was very impressed in fact I was so impressed I forgot to take a photo!!!
Finally a photo of Katie and her piece unfortunately she had attached one of the hangers back to front - it just goes to show it can happen to the best of us. We had a great laugh and the conversation was hilarious. I had a very enjoyable day at AFTH and met some lovely ladies now I just have to decide which workshop to go on later in the year

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  1. Ha ha ha!! Thanks for sharing THAT photo with everyone LOL!! Nice to meet you at AFTH. Kaz's workshop was such fun!

  2. defintitely looks like its worth a visit!