Sunday, 6 March 2011

Does Your Cat Have Staff?

It's the question I ask myself as I open another tin of cat food for Max the cat! Why does he always come first when everyone needs feeding? I think it is the fact that he is always pleased to see me no matter what time of the day I greet him, he always replies with his deep throaty purr. He always announces his arrival into a room with a little mew that develops into his wonderful purring, he's always happy to see you.

As you can tell Max the cat rules our roost and I wouldn't swap him for anything. I found a wonderful set of stamps with some black cats on when I was at Cardcraft Plus on their demonstration day a couple of weeks ago and couldn't resist them. Here is a couple of ATCs I made today while playing about in the craft room.

They are just the cutest stamps and I can see they will be great at Halloween.


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - it was beautiful and sunny up here in N Lancs and it was so good to see the sunshine - a reminder of things to come. Roll on summer.

Bye for now

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  1. Fab stamps Sue, totally agree with the sentiment. Our two rule the roost too and always get the best seats in the house.

    Donna x

  2. Great bolg candy and fab stamps.
    Hugs Christine x