Sunday, 3 July 2011

Something a little Different

I love to dabble in all crafts and have over the years kept going back to beading usually to make jewellrey but a few weeks ago I got a book called Wild Women by Sarah Lawrence which really hit the mark with me and ha set me off on another bead fiesta.

After a few false starts I finally got the hang of it and here is the very first effort of my Wild Women Pins. I know I need to work on the face but I so enjoyed playing with beads and embroidering them onto the fabric base. It's all a big learing curve and I was a bit intimdated by the fact there is no pattern to follow - you just create as you go along. But it is so liberating and I'm already planning the next one.

Close up of the head

This is the back of the pin and I'm sorry the picture is so blurry but my camera wouldn't sharpen up the image - it just covered with black felt.


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