Saturday, 10 April 2010

Where has the time gone!

Where did Easter weekend go? I was so busy that I didn't have time to blog.

We had visitors from a small island not too far away and they took over the house (in the nicest way). But it was like living in a Hurricane zone - there was stuff all over and it was a losing battle trying to keep on top of it so I'm afraid I just sank and let it go on around me. It was lovely to see them but lovelier to see them go home. LOL

Linda came round on Sunday afternoon and we had a really good gossip and tried to bind(with my Bind it all) some of Linda's beautiful books that she has put together. We manage quite well once we got the back and the front of the books sorted out - I should have taken photos of the finished items but I didn't I forgot - what am I like - useless at this blogging lark. Unfortunately we spoiled one book front I do hope Linda managed to make another one when she got home. I made 25 mini booklets to send out to this ATC Swap I have just joined at UKSN - only got to make 25 ATC's to add to them and then we are sound!

Monday we went to Whitby for a day out - it is a really lovely place to go but boy was it busy. Well it was a bank holiday I suppose! The Abbey on top of the cliffs is really brooding and gothic. Very atmospheric I can see what attracted Dracula. :-)

Back to the ironing now might get some ATCs made later if so I will take photos and post.

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